Yestermorrow. 2 mental processes that have you missing your life.

Free your mind‘ said Morpheus to Neo in “The Matrix”. Easier said than done…

There are 2 responses that while manifest at the present, reside in another timeline and their main task is keeping your mental process a prisoner pacing about in a cell. The one is ‘disbelief’ and comes from the past; the other is ‘fear’ and comes form the future.

1 – Disbelief uses our past experience as a measure to accept sentiments and facts. Say a friend tells you she witnessed a miracle healing with her own eyes. Due to its rarity that event does not exist in your experience library making your first response to be disbelief.

Events that fall far outside the experience pool of the mainstream, trigger an automatic denial to our belief system. Becoming aware of this response is the first step to preventing it and keeping a more open mind. With practice, your belief system will become more flexible allowing more space for new unexplored concepts to grow and less room for judging and denying.

2 – Fear is the other response, in this case time-traveling from the future. Most fears in life are based on non-existing scenarios we create in our minds. From a meeting’s outcome to your kid’s night out, we hypothesize future outcomes that spawn fear. At the time we do so none of that fearful thinking can be substantiated nor confirmed. It only exists in our minds fast forward plotting.

The problem is fear spreads like a virus; it starts form one area and moves to many other even unrelated ones triggering a cascade of negative thinking. That’s why is so difficult to control it. It’s not that you are weak, it’s that fear is a disease from the future that you are asked to cure in the present. That’s impossible. The only way to control the fear is not to allow it entrance in the first place.

On the side of the defendant, both disbelief and fear function as a safeguard by not allowing self-destructive behavior and foolish risks. (Yes, if you jump off a building you are NOT going to fly, no matter how strongly you think you will).

Overcoming disbelief and life fears does not mean deafness to your safeguard function. It means opening your mind to new concepts and ideas, allowing yourself to grow in areas you used to instantly disregard.

It means keeping your perception to the present time without past or future distraction. This practice will make you see life in a whole different way; you will feel stronger, increase your faith and your daily gratitude. If you are one of the millions who live in fear and disbelief practicing their removal from your daily life will be like lifting a blindfold. As if you were looking at life through the keyhole and all of a sudden someone opened the door.

Inhale Future – Exhale Past

Find a comfortable spot and practice the following visualization. Breath in and out in equal times. Exhale from your mouth and inhale from your nose. Every time you exhale imagine you let go of the past, like a load leaving your body, freeing up space. Every time you inhale imagine you breath in the future. Opening up yourself to the new, the exploring, the challenge of the unknown. Repeat the process for a couple of minutes or until you feel ok with it.

For those clung to the past this can help them appreciate the now and look forward to the future. For those fearful of leaping ahead it can increase courage and confidence.

Repeat the visualization when you feel yourself backtracking or simply unable to move ahead.

The mechanics of this exercise are based on the fact that regarding our personal development there is no future and no past. There is only now. At any moment we are able to turn things around, leap forward and escape our mental prison however strong the constrains are.

Try it out a few times and see the results for yourself.

Forcing the timing, 5+1 pitfalls

Forcing an action or an outcome before its time has more negative traits in the process than the gain of a successful outcome.

• If this happens once every now and then is ok. Everybody has fallen in the trap of shaking the tree before the fruit is ready. You might finally get the fruit to fall but you will be too exhausted to enjoy or you might have sacrificed a tree branch in the process.

• If this is your pattern of doing things then is not ok. You need to realize it and alter it.


Here is what the process of forcing outcomes in the wrong timing creates

1 • It is a fun-kill. We make so much effort we forget to pay attention to anything else

2 • It increases the risk of failure. Fruit doesn’t fall, am keep trying in frustration

3 • It creates an imbalance on the effort vs time vs outcome ratio

4 • The above reduces the value of the goal. As we try and try fruitless, we begin to question if that goal really deserves all the effort. Even if we do reach the goal while the effort has been in the discomfort zone, the overall experience won’t be gratifying.

5 • All the above create a feeling of inadequacy as we constantly find ourselves in the overdoing zone in order to achieve things that don’t even fulfill us as much as we thought they would.

So what is the right approach? (if there is such thing in life…)

The simplest and easiest one (we repeatedly tend to overlook): shake the branch till you see that the fruit does not want to come down. Then move on to another branch till you find a fruit that is ready. Don’t fall in the pit of creating attachment to a beautifully shaped fruit that after shaking the crap out of it still hangs in pride. This can easily make you loose yourself and all perspective resulting even in cutting down the whole tree for that one goal. Make no mistake, you might think that specific fruit is all you will ever want from the whole tree, but this is an illusion. Anything you have sacrificed everything for, is guaranteed not to fulfill you.