THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS DEPRESSION. Sadness simply prevails upon your emotional receptors

Happiness kicks in to a degree that becomes identified by our emotional receptors as ‘pleasure’ during specific events or actions. Problem is these kicks are short lived and disappear with only a quick echo.

You get a present, you FEEL happy; your child does well in school, you have a nice meal; your happiness spikes at your receptors again. When the event passes or the action stops, you feel…neutral, as if your feeling receptors have stopped functioning. In reality, you are still happy but your happiness is dormant and doesn’t stimulate your receptors past the threshold of giving you noticeable feedback.

Sadness on the other hand has its own kicks, which last longer and leave a more precipitating echo. After the saddening action or event is gone, your emotional receptors are still active, feeling that echo just like you feel the after taste of a strong liqueur.

So, happiness leaves you neutral after the kick while sadness keeps you in the FEELING zone longer. If the drug itself is our craving to FEEL regardless the feeling type, then sadness has clearly an advantage.

Because of that longer lasting high, sadness has conditioned your emotional receptors to drift towards unhappiness when idle. That might contradict the notion that no one wants to be unhappy, yet your mind takes you there without asking permition. Remember, the drug is not happiness or sadness, is our emotional receptors to be hard at work, to FEEL something …anything. Sadness gives feedback that lasts longer so the mind prefers that to keep the receptors busy.


Soooo, freedom! It’s not your fault you are clung to sadness nor you find shelter and comfort when your heart is in pain. It’s just your mind/self/body/ craving to FEEL.

If you are tired of sadness and you want to change sides, you need to REALIZE this concept.

You are not pulled towards sadness because you belong there or you have a predisposition or you are dark and gloomy; or because life has been unfair to you. Its because your emotional receptors when idle, choose sadness as the most satisfying way to fire up.

Let me know when you own that concept and i will give you the tools to make happiness spikes last longer with a far batter after taste than the toxic one sadness leaves 😉

Stop punishing yourself! Happiness is not a forbidden desire, it’s a basic human need.

First of all, happiness is not synonym with pleasure. Happiness is a composite made of feelings driven by human needs.

Let’s see what we need, on the feelings side, not bodily functions.

1-To be accepted by others

We get a glimpse of ourself and settle on how the world works through the eye and the opinion of other people. That’s why mainstream is so strong, it’s the collectively accepted idea on how things are done in this world. In every interaction we seek others’ understanding of our actions and thoughts. This is so important that when it happens euphoria neurotransmitters are flushed between our neurones and when it doesn’t happen, stress hormones like norepinephrine come in play triggering a fight or flight response. 

2- To believe

This is scientifically proven. From the placebo effect to the existence of a supreme being, humans prefer to believe than to remain skeptical. And those who claim skeptical on one thing, believe something else. Believing is what comes naturally in our cognitive process; from communicating with others to causality of things. Beliefs go beyond religion, it’s the way our minds reason and think.

3- To own

Sharing is a word that doesn’t resonate well with humans. We have the need for ownership. Starting from material things like home, land, vehicles and reaching out to more abstract concept like power and people where the definition of ownership translates in a different way, yet the behavioural response remains. Nobody would say they own their kids or their partner, yet nobody would share them with others.

4- to mate in love

Regardless the heap of complications it creates, intimate physical pleasure accompanied with mental excitation (aka. love) is a human need and those who choose celibacy, are missing out on a major chapter of the human life book. It’s like going to a restaurant known for their popular pasta dish and try every other meal but this one. Beside the taste you are missing out, you are also unable to truly understand the rest of the people since that meal is the reason they’re at the restaurant in the first place.

5- To create

That can be from making burgers at your local diner to adjusting the Hubble telescope on a space walk. There is no less or more creative, or trying to be creative. Its more of a state of being that is fulfilling and satisfying in a deeper and private way.


Considering you are not ill and your bodily functions are covered (food, water, sleep), If you add the above fulfilled: BELEIF + POSSESSION + LOVE + ACCEPTANCE + CREATIVITY you get HAPPINESS

And since these are basic human needs, the derivative is also, you guessed it… a basic human need!

Free yourself from guilt and escape the cycle of self-pity and despair cause simply enough, you NEED to be happy 😃

5 Tips to Tame your Sensitivity

Become able to manage your sensitivity instead of pushing it down or letting it run wild and gain wisdom in almost every situation. An untamed sensitivity is the route to feeling inadequate, rejected and depressed as oversensitivity hones the threat of leading you into a neurotic pattern as a means of defense from a self attributed hostile world.

Being able to feel what others feel has the inherent risk of letting too much inside resulting into loosing your inner self.

This is what the easterners call opening and closing the heart chakra at will and is all as difficult as it sounds.

1 • Remember your personal status. Easy to get lost in someone else’s world, specially if this is a significant other; friend, child, spouse, sibling. Remind yourself that you are a separate entity with a life of your own.

2 • Focus on your goals. Keeping your thing(s) at aim helps you back on your path. Remember your goals when you find yourself astray

3 • Observe others behavior and point the differences out to yourself. We associate so much with the people close in our life that to some extend we assume we do things the same. We don’t; focus on these differences when you find yourself consumed by the other person’s existence/behavior.

4 • Practice all the above as a return-to-base methods and not as a standard procedure. If you maintain focus to yourself and pay too much attention to differences you wont even reach the necessary sensitivity to feel the other person, let alone needing to escape the threat of becoming oversensitive.

5 • Finally, drop the reflex interaction. Most of the time we overcompensate when interacting with those close. We don’t really listen to them as our “pre-cooked” response has become our only one. This puts us in a viscous cycle of conditioned behavior that seriously hinders communication on both sides.

This is a demanding practice and if your EQ is rusty or if you have been towards the live-and-let-die side of life you need to forget all these and simply open up; the above steps are when you have opened up so much that you cannot find yourself any more.