Inhale Future – Exhale Past

Find a comfortable spot and practice the following visualization. Breath in and out in equal times. Exhale from your mouth and inhale from your nose. Every time you exhale imagine you let go of the past, like a load leaving your body, freeing up space. Every time you inhale imagine you breath in the future. Opening up yourself to the new, the exploring, the challenge of the unknown. Repeat the process for a couple of minutes or until you feel ok with it.

For those clung to the past this can help them appreciate the now and look forward to the future. For those fearful of leaping ahead it can increase courage and confidence.

Repeat the visualization when you feel yourself backtracking or simply unable to move ahead.

The mechanics of this exercise are based on the fact that regarding our personal development there is no future and no past. There is only now. At any moment we are able to turn things around, leap forward and escape our mental prison however strong the constrains are.

Try it out a few times and see the results for yourself.

Molecular Choice Set

“You control every aspect of your life on a molecular level”

What does that mean? It means momentary decisions define the course of your life and because these are tiny fractions of the whole, you hardly ever notice them. For this reason we often wonder: “how did things reach here..?”; well obviously not on their own. Fleeting momentary decisions set us on the course that generates each situation. Problem is we didn’t see these moments nor were we aware of the decisions.

Let’s put that in a common real life scenario; am fed up with my work and in a moment of enlightenment i decide after many years of silence to go beyond my predictable response and claim my life. I visualize starting fresh, traveling the world, living in different places, working for the next day and many other things that my existing standardized lifestyle deems impossible. This feeling of freedom lasts only for a few moments and if i decide to act on it, I will set the cogs in motion and will bring change to my life.

In these transcendence moments we truly steer our life and go beyond the realm of our predictability.


After that moment of choice has occurred there are still 2 variables that can bring the whole thing down.

The first is our ego and the second is time.

Start backtracking and overthinking where you should not and you will numb all your potential. The mind creates barriers when a realistic departure from our seemingly safe comfort zone is in sight. Feed these barriers with fear and disbelief and your empowered choice will start to loose all its lure.

Time is very important. If it takes too long to act, you will eventually end up living the thing in your head finally doing nothing. Once wholeheartedly decided, you need to act swiftly without additional thinking or external influence; otherwise is like revving the car engine without ever put it in gear.