Our approach is solution driven and results based. We don’t dwell in the problem meeting after meeting. We focus on identifying the issue you are faced with and resolving it efficiently and timely.

For this reason we keep our session count low (4 to 7 meetings are usually enough). We offer follow up sessions yet there’re mainly for maintenance not resolution.

Here is a list of issues a family might face:

  • Emotional fluctuations & daily friction
  • Unidentified stress
  • Common interests & pastime compatibility
  • Confidence & social image
  • Priorities and time allocation
  • Efficient communication
  • Break up & divorce
  • Sex problems
  • Financial instability
  • Aggressive behavior

If you see yourself experiencing more than 2 don’t struggle on your own any further, it will only make things worse for you and the people around you. What might seem insolvable to you alone, it is solvable with our help. Offering alternatives when none is visible is what we do best.


We approach a child’s issue from 2 perspectives. The one is in conjunction with parents’ behavior and involves the Dynamics in Parent-Child Interaction:

  • Behavior vs Discipline
  • Child routine
  • Parent Intimidation
  • Parent-child emotional connection
  • Efficient communication VS Automatic speakingIMG_1344

The other focus on the child exclusively and involves the Mechanics of Child’s behavior:

  • Skills & Abilities
  • Social image & self esteem
  • Peer to peer interaction issues
  • Perception range & logic reasoning
  • Character traits & integrity