The 3 Steps to Problem Solving

This is a 3fold process. Practice the following visualization to literally… put things into perspective.

Fold One
Think of the problem you are faced with, as a object you can rotate in you hand.
At first, it might appear spherical without corners and weak spots.
Keep rotating and observing and you will start seeing perspective lines; before you know it, the sphere will turn into a cube.

Fold Two
Examine all the angles and choose one the appears to be leading into a solution. This is a fairly easy step, it’s the one staring at you with a label ‘solution’ on it; don’t question it, just go with it.

Fold Three
This is the trickiest part
LOCK the cube in that direction and look ONLY at the solution.
Do NOT question your choice.
Do NOT rotate the cube again to re-examine other options (you have been there soooo many times!)

If you keep yourself on that path, you WILL reach the solution of your problem. In fact, you will be “living” the solution from the moment you decide to commit to that path.
Now the pits we all fall in trying to find and implement a solution to a life problem (fold respective):

Fold One We think there is no handle to our problem, (a solid sphere)

Fold Two We are intimidated by the problem so we expect the solution to be scary-complicated and unimplementable. 99% of the time is not, it’s the simplest one (staring at you). Make your move, pick that.

Fold Three We second-guess our choice before we even proceed to implementing the solution we picked. We re-examine already rejected alternatives and we end up consumed by the problem. This is THE highway to loosing sight of the solution

IMG_0278You cannot implement a solution if you are focused on the problem. It’s like trying to walk straight ahead while you are looking back. It is impossible you need to look where you want to go.

Stop looking at the problem, keep your eyes on the solution.

Inhale Future – Exhale Past

Find a comfortable spot and practice the following visualization. Breath in and out in equal times. Exhale from your mouth and inhale from your nose. Every time you exhale imagine you let go of the past, like a load leaving your body, freeing up space. Every time you inhale imagine you breath in the future. Opening up yourself to the new, the exploring, the challenge of the unknown. Repeat the process for a couple of minutes or until you feel ok with it.

For those clung to the past this can help them appreciate the now and look forward to the future. For those fearful of leaping ahead it can increase courage and confidence.

Repeat the visualization when you feel yourself backtracking or simply unable to move ahead.

The mechanics of this exercise are based on the fact that regarding our personal development there is no future and no past. There is only now. At any moment we are able to turn things around, leap forward and escape our mental prison however strong the constrains are.

Try it out a few times and see the results for yourself.