Yestermorrow. 2 mental processes that have you missing your life.

Free your mind‘ said Morpheus to Neo in “The Matrix”. Easier said than done…

There are 2 responses that while manifest at the present, reside in another timeline and their main task is keeping your mental process a prisoner pacing about in a cell. The one is ‘disbelief’ and comes from the past; the other is ‘fear’ and comes form the future.

1 – Disbelief uses our past experience as a measure to accept sentiments and facts. Say a friend tells you she witnessed a miracle healing with her own eyes. Due to its rarity that event does not exist in your experience library making your first response to be disbelief.

Events that fall far outside the experience pool of the mainstream, trigger an automatic denial to our belief system. Becoming aware of this response is the first step to preventing it and keeping a more open mind. With practice, your belief system will become more flexible allowing more space for new unexplored concepts to grow and less room for judging and denying.

2 – Fear is the other response, in this case time-traveling from the future. Most fears in life are based on non-existing scenarios we create in our minds. From a meeting’s outcome to your kid’s night out, we hypothesize future outcomes that spawn fear. At the time we do so none of that fearful thinking can be substantiated nor confirmed. It only exists in our minds fast forward plotting.

The problem is fear spreads like a virus; it starts form one area and moves to many other even unrelated ones triggering a cascade of negative thinking. That’s why is so difficult to control it. It’s not that you are weak, it’s that fear is a disease from the future that you are asked to cure in the present. That’s impossible. The only way to control the fear is not to allow it entrance in the first place.

On the side of the defendant, both disbelief and fear function as a safeguard by not allowing self-destructive behavior and foolish risks. (Yes, if you jump off a building you are NOT going to fly, no matter how strongly you think you will).

Overcoming disbelief and life fears does not mean deafness to your safeguard function. It means opening your mind to new concepts and ideas, allowing yourself to grow in areas you used to instantly disregard.

It means keeping your perception to the present time without past or future distraction. This practice will make you see life in a whole different way; you will feel stronger, increase your faith and your daily gratitude. If you are one of the millions who live in fear and disbelief practicing their removal from your daily life will be like lifting a blindfold. As if you were looking at life through the keyhole and all of a sudden someone opened the door.

The procrastination loop, 5Qs – 5As

Do you ever feel unable to break the loop of not seeing your top priority through?

As if procrastination was an outside force you have no control over?

So many theories to overcome it, methods, to-do apps, strategies and yet when you enter the loop, it feels almost impossible to break out.

Children till the start of teen hardly ever procrastinate. They do forget tasks but not in procrastination. They will complete their top priority task at the first chance they get. This is because their time continuum is not as tight as ours. We see tomorrow connected to today, our perception of time is different to that of a child.

Children see everyday as an opportunity, as a new beginning. They die every night to be born again the next morning new. An adult only gets that feeling in life-transitioning events; a long journey, an imminent lifestyle change, a recovery from an unfortunate event, change of job etc.

In normal life most of the people resemble a puppet with actions limited by the constrains of our repetitive reality.


Q1 •Can I break the procrastination loop?

– Not without changing your life. You cannot keep doing the same thing and expect different results”

Q2 •Is there a loophole to escape from?

– Yes there is. Introduce pressure as a variable in your life. Not as a form of a random stress factor but as a personal agenda to achieving a goal, or walking on a path.

Q3 •I’ve tried self-applied pressure in that form and doesn’t work, i revert to procrastination. How should i proceed?

– Try again but this time remove back-tracking from the equation. Visualize a one-way street that only leads to completion of the task. Think of it as a game’s mission you need to complete so you can move to the next level.

Q4 •This doesn’t work either, i have tried every possible configuration and I always backtrack to doing nothing of the things i want to do. Now what??

– Accept your life as it is and remove all personal conquering thoughts from your mind. Clear out your goals and dreams, your missions and paths. Just be in the “here and now” with no expectation or anticipation. There is no shame in that kind of living.

Q5 •I understand a holistic life change will be helpful but it will affect those tied to my life. What if i loose them?

– If those close to you leave as a result of your actions to better yourself, it is obvious their feelings for you are not healthy. Let them leave.

The most important thing is not to allow procrastination render you incapable. It’s not an inability to perform the task, it’s just a block. Imagine a clamped car wheel; it has the ability to spin, it’s the clamp that does not allow it to.

Molecular Choice Set

“You control every aspect of your life on a molecular level”

What does that mean? It means momentary decisions define the course of your life and because these are tiny fractions of the whole, you hardly ever notice them. For this reason we often wonder: “how did things reach here..?”; well obviously not on their own. Fleeting momentary decisions set us on the course that generates each situation. Problem is we didn’t see these moments nor were we aware of the decisions.

Let’s put that in a common real life scenario; am fed up with my work and in a moment of enlightenment i decide after many years of silence to go beyond my predictable response and claim my life. I visualize starting fresh, traveling the world, living in different places, working for the next day and many other things that my existing standardized lifestyle deems impossible. This feeling of freedom lasts only for a few moments and if i decide to act on it, I will set the cogs in motion and will bring change to my life.

In these transcendence moments we truly steer our life and go beyond the realm of our predictability.


After that moment of choice has occurred there are still 2 variables that can bring the whole thing down.

The first is our ego and the second is time.

Start backtracking and overthinking where you should not and you will numb all your potential. The mind creates barriers when a realistic departure from our seemingly safe comfort zone is in sight. Feed these barriers with fear and disbelief and your empowered choice will start to loose all its lure.

Time is very important. If it takes too long to act, you will eventually end up living the thing in your head finally doing nothing. Once wholeheartedly decided, you need to act swiftly without additional thinking or external influence; otherwise is like revving the car engine without ever put it in gear.