Blower VS Vacuum. Ditch your bag!

If you are an introvert keep reading, if you are an extrovert, have a break and go window shopping on Amazon; unless you are not sure which side you lean to, in which case go ahead and invest on this 2min read.

In reality, no one is a locked introvert incapable of becoming an extrovert and vice versa. Anyone can be going through an introvert phase in their life, the problem is when you are in this phase for as long as you can remember yourself.

How do you know where you are?
Ask yourself:
‘Do I often find myself in comfort shutting others out while pushing all my wants and needs into the eternal oblivion of my inner self?’
If yes, then most probably you are in the intro phase. Here is a quick exit if you want out.

Imagine yourself as a leaf blower with the switch stuck to the draw position and a bag attached.

Imagine every leaf is a bit of emotional interaction; it might be from a movie you watched, what your colleague told you the other day, a situation with the kids, a chat with your partner; anything and everything that triggers an emotional response. Now imagine you have a dissolving mechanism in the bag that actually melts the leaves down, like a composter but it takes some time to do that.

You think the rate of your social interaction allows you to dissolve the leaves as fast as you draw them in, thus preventing the bag from blowing up? If yes, keep it up; if not, you need to take action cos the bag IS going to blow and will hurt you and those close to you.
To prevent that, you only have to flick the switch from ‘draw’ to ‘blow’. Just make sure you lose the bag with all your harbored emotions before you start blowing; last thing you want is the people close to you becoming the recipients of decomposing feelings. If you have things to straight out, going cold turkey on someone just because you decided to rid your load is not the way. First deal with the change in you, let it sink, get used to the new you who does not store emotions and then you’ll get plenty of chances to level with them.
Becoming an extrovert is not an act of retribution towards others, its an act of forgiveness to yourself. You don’t have to store everybody’s load in that bag, you don’t need the bag altogether.

One more last, last thing;
no one will ditch the bag for you, some might help, but in the end, YOU have to throw it away.


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