Trying VS Doing

It seems Nike got it right all along.


Logo and tagline of Nike. Just for illustration purposes.


This might sound like a cliche, but I feel many people confuse trying with doing. I also feel the reason behind trying instead of actually doing, is more often than not… pure laziness.
An option-packed, easy-living world with instant fulfillment where things are done on their own. From digital assistants to wifi coffee makers, we want things done without us doing them. Sounds wierd. Fast forward 40y from now to 2060, heck… even eating will be too much! A bio-energy feed will provide everything while we’re sleeping.

Unfortunately, the actionless, instant lifestyle set us back in personal development.
Patience? too much time, snapping is easier. Awareness? too tiring, oblivion is relaxing. Flexibility? ….impossible, too complicated, rather be rigid. Compassion? …naa, too much thinking and emoting. Faith? Ha! that’s a good one!
Personal development doesn’t require effort or struggle, this is where we start on the wrong foot with it. We simply need to take action, without framing into an effort. It not a race nor a competition, trying to succeed is out of the picture. It’s an ongoing practice and as long as you take action towards that path, there is no small or big effort and no targets to miss.


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