Inhale Present – Exhale Past

Find a comfortable spot and practice the following visualization. Breath in and out in equal times. Exhale from your mouth and inhale from your nose. Every time you exhale imagine you let go of the past, like a load leaving your body, freeing up space. Every time you inhale imagine you breathe in the present. Opening up yourself to the now, the exploring, the challenge of the unknown. Repeat the process for a few minutes until you feel ok with it.

For those clinging to the past, this practice can help them appreciate the now and look forward to the future. For those fearful of leaping ahead, it can increase courage and confidence.

Repeat the visualization when you feel yourself backtracking or simply unable to move ahead.

The mechanics of this exercise are based on the concept of no past and no future. Time, in its essence, is a dot rather than a line. We are not on a rigid timeline, we are the conscious manifestation of the eternal present and we are able to turn things around, and escape any mental and emotional constraint.

Try it out a few times and see the results for yourself.


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