The procrastination loop

Do you ever feel unable to see your top priority through?

As if procrastination is an outside force you have no control over? In fact, it is.

Children till the start of teen hardly ever procrastinate. They do forget tasks but not in procrastination. The first chance they get, they’ll go ahead and complete their top priority task. That’s because the time continuum for them is not as tight as for us. We see the future connected to the present, our perception of time is different from that of a child.

Children live in the present more than grownups do. For that reason, time passes slower for them, they stress less about the future and remember less of the past.  Procrastination is indeed an outside force we allow to enter our reality as it feeds on past and future, both of which are beyond our reach and control. When you ground yourself to the present time, your top priority becomes the only focus and action. The reason behind typical procrastination is too much future or past thinking.

Practice this small visualization until you get the kick of present in your consciousness and you will magically find yourself out of the loop.


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