4 Tips to Tame your Sensitivity

Manage your sensitivity instead of pushing it down or letting it run wild, to gain wisdom in almost every situation. An untamed sensitivity is the route to feeling inadequate, rejected and depressed as it hones the threat of leading you into a neurotic pattern as a means of defense from a self-attributed hostile world.

Being able to feel what others feel has the inherent risk of letting too much inside resulting in losing your inner self. According to the chakra theory, being able to close your heart chakra is equally important as being able to open it.

1 • Remember your personal status. Easy to get lost in someone else’s world, especially that of your partner. Remind yourself that you are a separate entity with a life of your own.

2 • Focus on your goals. Keeping your thing(s) at aim helps you back on your path. Remember your goals when you find yourself astray.

3 • Observe others behavior and identify similarities and differences between them and you. We associate so much with the people close in our life that to some extent we assume we do things the same. We don’t; focus on these differences when you find yourself consumed by the other person.

4 • Become aware of reflex interaction and take action to avoid it. Sometimes, the pace of everyday life makes us use “pre-cooked” responses to others. This puts us in a vicious cycle of conditioned behavior that seriously hinders communication on both sides.

• Practice all the above as a return-to-base method and not as a standard procedure. If you maintain focus to yourself and pay too much attention to differences you won’t even reach the necessary sensitivity to feel the other person, let alone needing to overcome oversensitivity.

This is a demanding practice and if your EQ is rusty or if you have been towards the live-and-let-die side of life you need to forget all these and simply open up; the above steps apply when you have opened up so much that you have lost yourself.

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