Forcing the timing

Forcing an action or an outcome ahead of time, has more negative traits in its process, even if the result is a success.

Everybody has fallen in the trap of shaking the tree before the fruit is ready. You might finally get the fruit to fall but you will be too exhausted to enjoy or you might have sacrificed the tree branch in the process.


Here is what the process of forcing outcomes in the wrong timing creates

1 • It is a fun-kill. We make so much effort we forget to pay attention to anything else

2 • It increases the risk of failure. The fruit really doesn’t wanna fall. You lose.

3 • It creates an imbalance on the effort vs time vs outcome ratio

4 • The above reduces the value of the goal. As we keep trying fruitless, we begin to question if that goal really deserves the effort.

5 • All the above create a feeling of inadequacy as we constantly find ourselves in the overdoing zone, in order to achieve things that probably won’t fulfill us as much as we thought they would.

So what is the right approach? (if there is such thing in life…)

The simplest and easiest one (we repeatedly tend to overlook): shake the branch till you see that the fruit does not want to come down. Then move on to another branch until you find a fruit that is ready. Don’t fall in the pit of creating an attachment to a beautifully shaped fruit that after shaking the cr*p out of it still hangs in pride. This can easily make you lose yourself and all perspective resulting even in cutting down the whole tree for that one goal.

Make no mistake, you might think that specific fruit is all you will ever want from the whole tree, but this is an illusion. Anything you have sacrificed everything for is guaranteed not to fulfill you.


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