Faith: The bicycle analogy.

Our measure-anything/count-everything society has made faith an impossible practice. We have been conditioned to think of faith as a don’t-know-where-to-start-from exotic element only practiced by gurus.
That’s simply wrong. Faith can be practiced every second of the day on anything that happens. It’s not about religion, nor requires you to be master Yoda. It only needs letting go of the illusion of control. Then you live in faith.
By letting go I don’t mean inactivity, apathy or isolation. It’s more like riding a bike. You are in control, yet this is done by keeping the right speed and a fluid motion.
You don’t keep the bike upward, you create the conditions for it to do that. That’s the main issue we overcome when learning to ride.
We struggle to keep the bike up by falsely trying to control it and the more we try the more it refuses to stay up. The second we let go, the bikes just rolls away!
Undeniably one of the most memorable feelings in someone’s life. Not only because riding per se is a liberating feeling, but also because our letting go into an untested state of fluid momentum is so unexpectedly rewarded.
And this is the exact case in life. Faith does not have a point of belief, a God, a Human, an Icon, a situation. It is that fluid momentum when we let go, things just work and life happens.